What are humic and fulvic acid?

What are humic and fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is a natural carrier of nutrients. It takes nutrients, and deposits them inside the cell. In the cell it binds the heavy metals place, and transports them out of the off the body. Fulvic acid is capable doing so, by it’s unique property that it is free to bind to nutrients and minerals. Moreover, it is so small that it can move through the cell membrane.

Fulvic acid is a liquid, extremely light molecule. Pure Fulvic acid is unbound. That means that it has no bound minerals and metals. These two properties, it’s light weight and the unbound state of the molecule, make Fulvic acid an excellent carrier of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and metals. Fulvic acid is able to travel from cell to cell, deposit nutrients and take metals out of the cell (see box for the effect of fulvic to humans) Fulvic acid, like humic acid, is a generic name. This means that there are several products that are called Fulvic acid. But not all products have the same quality. A few rules of thumb to determine the quality of Fulvic acid:

  • Pure Fulvic acid has a yellow colour. The colour indicates the purity.
  • Fulvic acid should be as unbound as possible, so that it can bind to nutrients. A good way to determine the purity of Fulvic acid is taste. Fulvic acid should be tasteless.

What is Humus?

  • Humic acid is a solid substance, but is completely soluble in water.
  • Humic acid is extracted from humic substances.
  • Humic acid is a molecule that binds with many other molecules.
    - Humic acid is bound. That means that there are minerals and metals bound to the molecules. This is in contrast to fulvic acid, which is unbound.
  • Humic acid is a generic name.
    - There is considerable variation in the quality of humic acid. And the definition of humic acid is quite different per provider. Some sellers see humic acid and fulvic acid as a substance.
  • A rule of thumb for the quality of Humic Acid to judge the colour. The darker the colour, the more minerals it binds. Dark thus refers to wealth.