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Bioag Ful-Power , fulvic acid for crops and plants. These products for crops and plants are identical to those of our American partner Bioag.

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Bioag Ful-Power, fulvic acid for plants

Bioag Ful-Power is the most effective fulvic acid product available at this moment. The key to the success of Bioag Ful-Power is the unique, biological extraction of fulvic from freshwater-humic sediments; a long term fermentation process which imitates nature. The result is the only fulvic product available which combines a high bio availability, primary and secondary metabolites and phyto stimulators. The purified fulvic acid in Bioag Ful-Power has excellent chelation qualities; it forms a bridge between dead minerals and living plant roots, which increases the intake of nutrients by the roots. This optimises the cell and plant growth, increases the harvest and makes the plant resistant to diseases and vermin.

Fulvic Acid increases the plants intake of nutrients without crossing your present plant nutritive plan. It also prevents the binding of nutrients which can form an indissoluble residue in a liquid solution. Contrary to most other fulvic products, no metals, chemicals or preservatives are added to Bioag Ful-Power.

These products for crops and plants are identical to those of our American partner

The benefits of this fulvic acid product for plants

- Increase the uptake of nutrients and brix production
- Increase root growth and biomass
- Increase yield and plant health
- Detoxify pollutants in the water and soil
- Decrease fertilizer inputs
- Increase biological stimulation
- Reduce the uptake of sodium

You can use Bioag Ful-Power for

- Hydroponics / aeroponics
- Soil systems
- Foliar sprays
- Bare-root dip
- Clones & tissue culture
- Seed activation
- And more... 

General applications rates

Seed activation: For vegetable seeds soak 72 hours at 7ml per litre (1-150 dilution rate). For other, soak for 24 hours at 10ml per litre (1-100 dilution rate).

Soil and Container plants: 5-10 ml per litre (1-200 & 1-100 dilution)

Hydroponic:: 2.5-10ml per litre of nutrient solution

Foliar Rates: 5ml per litre (1-200 dilution).

Cuttings and Bare root: 10ml per litre (1-100 dilution)

3.8 litre ( 1 gallon)

6% fulvic acid and purified rainwater

Store in cool, dark environment. Please note that Ful-Power is processed naturally, and if not stored properly, some algae may grow in the product over time. This growth is neither harmful nor does it degrade the product in any way. It is actually a sign of the high biological activity in the product.

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