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Bioag Ful-Humix, humic acid concentrate product for plants. These humic acid product for plants are identical to those of our American partner Bioag

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Bioag Ful-Humix, humic acid concentrate for plants

Bioag Ful-Humix is a dissoluble Humus product (Humic Acid and Fulvin Acid) which activates the soil. It improves the intake of nutrients, raises the effectivity of the nutrients, improves cell activity at all levels, stimulates useful micro-organisms and inverts biological components and manures into better available forms for a faster intake. At the roots of a plant it decreases the intake of sodium, aluminium and other metals which can negatively influence the plant.

Bioag Ful-Humix is a buffer of biopolymers and therewith prevents nutrients and dietary elements binding to each other through complex forming and chelation.

The special production method of Bioag Ful-Humix saves the effectivity and activity of the material and bio stimulation by the soil is amplified. Bioag Ful-Humix is available as a powder, can be stored for a long time and is easily to transport. Bioag Ful-Humix is gained from the highest quality fresh water-humus sediments.

These humic acid product for plants are identical to those of our American partner Bioag

The benefits of humic acid concentrate for plants

- Stimulates microbial activity
- Promotes growth and yields
- Reduces nutrient leaching
- Builds plant immunity
- Improves soil structure
- Increases nutrient uptake
- Induces drought tolerance
- Stimulates root growth

You can use Bioag Ful-Humix for

- Soil systems
- Hydoponics
- Seed treatment
- Clones / cuttings
- Irrigation / injectors
- Hand watering
- Foliar sprays
- Compost tea activation
- And more....

Genreal applications rates

Seed activation: For vegetable seeds soak 72 hours at 0.65 grams per 10 litres. For other, soak for 24 hours at same ratio.

Soil and Container plants: 1.3 - 2.6 grams per 10 litres of irrigation solution.

Hydroponic: 1.3 grams per 10 litres of nutrient solution used in reservoir (use with every change. Top-offs can be chared
with 1/4-1/2 normal rate).

Foliar Rates: 0.6 grams per litre every 7-10 days.

Field Use: 20 – 40 grams per 100m2 every 3-6 weeks.

Pre-Plant Soil Conditioning/Bioremediation: 50 – 100 grams per 100m2

A ¼ teaspoon is approximately 0.5 grams.

300 gram

Non-Plants food ingredients
57% humic acid, 12% fulvic acid.

Please note approx 10% is insoluble and can be cast in compost or garden. Exceeding application rates can cause irregular
growth. Store dry and away from excessive heat.

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