Our range of humic and fulvic acid products

Our range of humus and fulvic acid products

Health Solution offers a wide range of humic and fulvic acid products. Humic and fulvic acid is beneficial for yourself, your pets as well as your (vegetable) garden. Health Solution offers humic and fulvic acid products for humans, animals and plants.

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Our humic products

Many types of humus are sold. The effects however may be very different due to, for example, the composition and/or the age of the humus. The positive characteristics of our humus products:

- originated in the Cretaceous period (+/- 40 million years old)
- soluble in water at a pH value of 6 and low calcium content
- contents of humic acid is 52% and of fulvic acid 12% (measured following the procedure of the
  International Humic Substance Society)
- high solubility, which makes it easy to absorb in the body
- very low dosage required, at just 1 gram per 200 kg body weight

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Our online shop offers high-quality humus products. A number of these products contain humic as well as fulvic acid. The Health Solution website makes it quick and easy to buy your high-quality humic products for your own use, your pets as well as your (vegetable) garden. Would you like more information, or do you have trouble deciding which of our products best suits your needs? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to advise.

Our fulvic acid products

All kinds of fulvic acid are on the market today, and the name is readily used. Often a product that is presented as fulvic acid still has many elements bound to its molecules. This can be assessed by its taste and color. Pure, unbound fulvic acid is tasteless and has a pale yellow color.

Through a unique fermentation process, we have successfully managed to extract fulvic acid from humus. The process of unbinding the fulvic acid from the elements in humis takes about 3-4 months.

The big advantage of entirely unbound fulvic acid is that it can then bind to various elements that are ingested through food. This allows for an improved absorption of nutrients (in the human body, as well as in plants and animals) and the removal of toxins and heavy metals.

Want to buy fulvic acid products?

There are a number of criteria to determine the quality of fulvic acid; for example, the color indicates its purity. Pure fulvic acid has a pale yellow color. The fulvic acid molecules must be as unbound as possible, so that they can bind nutrients and transport them to within the living cells of our bodies, as well as transport toxins and heavy metals out of them. And last but not least, pure fulvic acid is completely soluble. When added to water, no deposits should settle on the bottom of the glass. Our fulvic acid products withstand these tests with flying colors.
Our online shop on the Health Solution website makes it quick and easy to buy our high-quality fulvic acid products. Not sure if this is the product for you? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to advise.