Possibilities resellers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller for Health Solution! We offer high quality humic and fulvic acid products for humans, animals and plants.

Reselling one of our products is recommended if…

  • you have a drugstore or (web)shop for wellness and health products
  • you have a wellness-centre and you want to include HumaSoak in your product line
  • you have a practice as (alternative) therapist and you want to offer fulvic acid products as support to your therapy

But you can also include our products in your assortment if…

  • you have a pet shop, garden centre or outdoors store
  • you are pet food or livestock feed producer
  • You are a producer of fertilizers / soil improvers for agriculture

Samples are available for agricultural products and HumaSoak. These are not intended for sale. These samples can be received when ordering our products. The number of samples is associated with the order quantity.

If you want to try our fulvic acid products for humans (Pure&Fulvic, Fauna Mana), please contact us. We can undoubtedly be of service by giving a discount or product presentation.


Packaging Units Health Solution

Most of our products are available in both consumer packages and in bulk packaging.

  • Box Packages are available in 6, 12 or 24 items per box.
  • Liquid products are available in litres or gallons (3,78l.)
  • All dry products are available in bags of 100 or 300 grams. from 100 grams to 1 kg are available per pack.
  • Bulk packaging in consultation.

Private labeling
We offer you the option of private labeling. You provide us with the labels (according to our specifications) or we deliver unlabeled products at no additional cost.

If you want more information send us an e-mail to the following address: - we will get back with you shortly.

Literature / support
This website will eventually be filled with scientific papers, testing and research reports, product analysis, etc. and will be the information centre regarding fulvic acid products. Until then, all papers will be provided on request.

Thinking about becoming a reseller of 1 or more of our products?
You can! Fill in the information on the reseller form. On this form you will be asked among other things:

  • to give a short description of your company including website
  • what market you serve
  • the quantities of which products you want to sell

We will contact you within two working to achieve a possible cooperation.

Want to get more information about your possibilities as reseller? Send an e-mail to We will contact you within two working days.